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About Us

Vacant,  IT Manager

Rigo Muniz, I.T. Technical Support Specialist

Our Mission

The mission of the Information Technology Division (IT) is to provide efficient, effective, stable, and secure technology services in support of the City’s operations and continuous improvement.

The Information Technology Division (IT) supports all departments, enabling the City of Belle Glade to provide the highest degree of services to its residents, businesses and visitors. 

Division Functions 

IT staff is responsible for the evaluation, implementation, administration, and security of all computer, printer, network, and communication systems for the City, as well as technical support and training for all users of these systems. 

  • Network connectivity to internal, County and Internet resources
  • Network and data security (scheduled backups, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti-virus, anti-malware, alert monitoring), etc.
  • Public WiFi availability at multiple City locations
  • Networked surveillance camera systems
  • Maintains the City's website
  • Site access control system
  • Surveillance Cameras  
  • Management of the City's Electronic Document Database 
  • Server Virtualization
  • Wired and wireless telecommunications and network infrastructure.

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Department Highlights:

Nov. 29 2023 

Employee Spotlight

Name: Rigo Muñiz

Years of Service: 15

Department: Finance/IT

Position: Technical Support Specialist