Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning


The Planning and Zoning Department provides Current and Long Range Planning, Annexations, Land Use Amendments, Rezoning, Special Exceptions, Site & Development Plans and Variances. Staff provide recommendations to the Planning & Zoning Board/Local Planning Agency, and the Zoning Board of Adjustment & Appeals.


Planning staff mission is to promote, protect and improve in accordance with the City's Comprehensive Plan, the public health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of the City of Belle Glade. To protect the character and maintain the stability of residential and commercial areas by establishing zoning districts and regulations through active engagement in strategic planning and community development.

Development Compliance & Zoning

Zoning staff is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of the City's Comprehensive Plan. They are also tasked with reviewing building permits and site and development applications for compliance with the City's Zoning Code.

Code Enforcement

The City of Belle Glade is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and providing responsive services for our community. With this goal in mind, the Code Enforcement Division was developed to address concerns about unsafe, unhealthy or unsightly conditions within the entire community.

Code Enforcement Officers work in close association with PBSO, Planning, Building, Public Works and other local agencies to maintain high community standards and address violations of the Belle Glade Municipal Ordinances. Through enforcement of these ordinances and with community awareness and involvement, Belle Glade will continue to be a place everyone feels proud to call home.

Code Enforcement Officers will assist you in any way possible. However, some issues may require referral to a different departments or agencies for resolution. 

Belle Glade Code Enforcement's mission is to maintain the highest quality of life possible for our citizens by ensuring healthy and safe neighborhoods.  That happens through enforcement of the Municipal Code, and specifically addressing issues that have been identified as a public nuisance.  While the division relies on education, there are fines, fees and legal action imposed to ensure compliance with these important set of laws.

For the most part, code enforcement officers are proactively canvasing their assigned areas, however they do respond to complaints received from the public.  When a case is opened, letters are sent to those in violation, detailing the violation, outlining a solution, and giving them time to bring the violation into compliance or get in touch with the department for assistance.  At that point, those in violation are given additional information and may receive more time to make any necessary corrections.

Housing Violations

Code Enforcement addresses housing issues where the safety of residents, neighbors or the public may be affected by substandard or unsanitary conditions on a property. This may be more common in rental properties, where the property is not monitored adequately. Some of the violations this program addresses are:

Lack of required utilities such as electricity or water
Surfacing sewage/plumbing leaks
Unsafe electrical wiring
Roof leaks and other structural problems
Interior infestation of termites, bees or other disease carrying pests

After receiving a report of a problem, the property owner is contacted to advise them of the situation and necessary steps for corrections. An inspection is scheduled to ensure compliance and fees may be assessed if the problem is not corrected.

Nuisance Violations

Like any city, Belle Glade has ordinances to keep our city residents safe and to enhance the quality of life and providing excellent services for our community. The nuisance code is a method to prevent, discourage and/or abate certain conditions which endanger the life, health, property, safety, or welfare of the public and to provide staff with enforcement regulations. Typical common nuisances include: 

Accumulation of junk and rubbish
Overgrown trees, shrubs, and weeds
Inoperative Vehicles
Garbage cans in the public right of way
Construction work without a Building Permit