Public Works

City of Belle Glade Public Works


Johnny Gooden,  Director of Public Works

Chris Williams,  Facilities Manager

Latoria Perkins, Office Assistant II

Dee Jackson, Office Assistant II

Abraham Roa, Garage Coordinator

Tyrone Miles. Solid Waste Manager


The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of City roads, vehicles and facilities as well as the efficient operational management of the municipal marina, solid waste, recycling collections, and engineering of infrastructure projects and development.

Building & Grounds- is responsible for the maintenance/enhancement of landscaping, alleyways, cutting trees, and other ground maintenance on City grounds.

Facilities Maintenance

The Facilities Maintenance Division repairs, remodels and provides daily maintenance for City facilities and also assists departments, organizations, agencies, etc. on various special projects and events.

The Facilities Maintenance Division is also responsible for the repair and maintenance of traffic and pedestrian crossing signals and street lights located within the City.

Please contact us at 561-992-2214 for questions regarding our Facility Maintenance operations. In the event of a traffic signal problem, please contact 561-261-2475

City Garage

The purpose of the City Garage is to provide prompt, reliable and efficient Fleet Management and service to all City departments and divisions.

Services provided for city vehicles

All phases of vehicle repair work
The central receiving point for materials for various city divisions and departments

Vehicle Safety

Sustain preventive maintenance plan for all City vehicles
Repair vehicles and equipment in accordance with new or surpassing manufacturers standards

Safe disposal of hazardous waste

Insure safe disposal of used oil, filters and old tires per Department of Environmental Protection and Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.
Reclaim and reuse R-12 Freon according to Department of Environmental Protection standards.

All mechanics subject to 24 hour call out, 7 days per week.

Solid Waste - (561) 914-6789


The Solid Waste Division is responsible for the collection and removal of garbage and recycling items within the city limits of Belle Glade. Our services include twice a week household garbage pickup, once a week curbside recycling pickup, bulky item (junk) pickup once a month on Wednesdays and yard waste pickup.

Residential garbage collection is provided twice a week, either Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday.

Commercial garbage collection (dumpsters) is set up by the City and varies according to size of the container and pickup days. However, pickup days are available Monday through Saturday for this service.


  1) GARBAGE     

 Violation notices will be issued for the first three (3) infractions. The Sanitation Division will collect and dispose of said trash after the issuance of the violation notice.
The fourth violation notice will result in a one hundred dollar ($100) fine.
The fifth violation notice and each successive violation will result in a five hundred dollar ($500) fine.


There will be a total of three (3) violation notices to each resident per infraction. This will allow the public time to procure an authorized vendor.
The fourth cited day of accumulated curbside building debris will result in a one hundred ($100) dollar fine.
The fifth and each successive violation notice will result in a five hundred dollar ($500) citation.